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Tox is a high quality, professional range of German designed and manufactured fixings, plugs and anchors. Tox fasteners are designed to help you find fastening solutions for normal substrates (like natural timber, brick, concrete, tile and plasterboard), and the ever growing list of new types of substrates like Hebel, Besser block, other AAC blocks, stone, manufactured timbers, Polystyrene etc.

Tox products include:

  • Tri & Deco multi-purpose plugs:

o   Manufactured from Heavy Duty UV stable nylon for indoor or outdoor use

o   Metric diameters (which arenot hard to work out like imperial measurements, eg. What’s 3/16?!)

o   Small (5mm diameter) up to extremely large (14mm diameter) plugs to suit all sorts of anchoring tasks

o   Load rated so you can’t get it wrong!

o   Tox Tri (red plugs) sit “flush” in a substrate (level with the substrate), Tox Deco (white plugs) have a “collar” that protects the lip of the plasterboard “paper” after being drilled

o   They work like a standard wall plug in concrete or brick, and “knot” behind board in a hollow cavity. Check out the videos to see how they work! Very cool!

o   Use any course thread screw (ensure diameter is correct, and length is longer than the plug. We recommend Heco Fix Plus screws and they are available from our shop)

  • MKD Tiger/Utility Anchors:

o   Metal construction

o   Metric diameters

o   Use for commercial buildings with electricity, gas and water lines

o   Fire rated

o   Use any course thread screw

  • Spiral Pro:

o   High load capacity in hollow cavity, plasterboard walls

  • Styromates & Polystyrene washers:

o   For holding external facing, polystyrene wall cladding to building frames, and fixing brackets to rendered polystyrene walls

  • Dual thread screws:

o   Use with Tri, Deco, Utility Anchors

o   Provide a machine thread finish to fit off metal brackets on walls

o   High load ratings when used with Tri & Deco plugs and removes the need for chemical anchors, threaded rod and helps you #work smarter

WorkSmarter, not harder, and hang, hold or fix almost anything! Use 1 Tox plug and 1 Heco screw and you can achieve something great.