About Us

Ever experienced trouble hanging a towel rail in a bathroom wall? Or your toilet roll holder falls out of the plasterboard wall?! Have you experienced problems with how to fix a sign, downpipe bracket, or padbolt to a brick wall?

How do you make sure those new shelves in the study can handle the load and not sag?!

Your new mirror in the hallway is too heavy for normal fasteners?!

What array of fasteners do you have rolling around in your tool box, truck or shed and which one do you use to do some of the jobs you have to do?!?

We help you hang, hold, fix, connect, measure, cut and construct anything (to almost anything) almost anywhere. Tox plugs and Heco screws are made in Germany and provide you a fixing solution for brick, concrete, natural and manufactured timbers, stone, plasterboard, tile, hebel, block, polystyrene….. basically any building substrate.

We particularly love the Tox Tri & Deco multi-purpose plugs, and combined with a box of Heco Fix Plus screws, this combination allows you to carry 1 plug and 1 screw in your toolbox, truck or shed and fix any problem, anytime, indoor or out. Its time to ditch your old school fasteners, stop wasting time and money, and WorkSmarter, 1 plug (Tox) and 1 Screw (Heco) = FixAnything. Check out our extensive and growing range of fasteners & WorkSmarter.

We have other wonderful products from Europe. Designed and manufactured to exceed normal fasteners, tools and other hardware products you find in standard stores. Cruise through our products, explore the video links to learn about our products (but excuse the German language! Focus on the product performance!) and let us help you WorkSmarter.

Thanks for your support and business.