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Heco are German designed and manufactured screws. They are world renowned and unsurpassed for quality, design and performance. They are unique and inspiring. We particularly love and stock the Fix Plus range of screws:

  • Work with Tox Tri, Deco & Utility Anchors
  • Metric diameter & length for easily measuring and drill hole sizing
  • Torx drive for positive engagement and reduced cam outs #work smarter
  • Full thread for use in MDF, chipboard and cabinet making solutions (and therefore no need for hinge screws, long threads etc)
  • Punch through <3mm sheet metal to replace need for self tappers
  • Serrated, lubricated 1/3 shank for safe and easily fixing into multiple substrates including brick and concrete
  • Pan and countersunk heads available
  • Zinc plated, 302 stainless steel construction for indoor and outdoor use

WorkSmarter not harder with Heco Fix Plus, buy a box, match the size to Tox plugs, and fix anything, anywhere, anytime